Emmy Award Winning Idris Elba Is Heading To Essence Festival To Show Off His DJ Skills

FB_IMG_1526634891209Certainly not a veteran to the DJ game, Elba has been heating up turntables for over a decade. In addition to spinning at All-Star weekend parties and Pre-Emmy shindigs, the Golden Globe Award-winning and Emmy-nominated entertainer has also played London’s massive Glastonbury Festival and released a total of 4 EPs to date.

In 2013 Idris also played Nelson Mandela in ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ and  was very proud of that role .He even went as far as releasing an album working with South African

Idris Elba: ‘My film about Nelson Mandela is hands down the best.

“(Mandela) saw some of the film,” Elba said during a Friday morning visit to TODAY. “He gave his blessing. You know, I don’t look like Nelson Mandela — that wasn’t in his interest. I think he wanted to find someone who could bring that spirit alive. … Which I was like, me? I was really sort of taken aback by that.”

But Mandela never had a chance to see the completed project. He died at the age of 95 on Dec. 5, the same day the film premiered.

“He actually passed during the half-way point of the film,” Elba recalled. “There was sort of a bittersweet moment — because the film is a beautiful film, and it celebrates his life — so there was this moment after the film, I stood on stage with the producers and we made the announcement. You couldn’t write that. You couldn’t write that we would have to announce that Nelson Mandela actually passed (at that moment).”

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