Mi Casa signs global publishing deal

Local trio Mi Casa are going global after signing an international publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. “I think it’s every artist’s dream to be out there globally and have your stuff known worldwide. We’re ready to go. We want to travel the whole world,” says band member and producer Dr Duda.

It’s been seven years since they started out in the industry and the boys have been making bold moves.

“I think it’s important to understand where we started,” adds singer Joao da Fonseca, known as J’Something. “When we started as Mi Casa we didn’t start as a band – we started as three guys who wanted to make music. We didn’t even want to make songs. We just wanted to make music so that we could play for corporates because that’s where the money was at seven years ago. So when we signed our deals with Soul Candi, none of us knew where any of this was going. I think we’ve reached a point now where we really just want to grow beyond the local space, so it’s great to be with an international publishing house that can look at our global platform, our global range and help us achieve the things that we’re trying to achieve from a global point of view.”

But they’ve assured us there are no plans to relocate and leave their beloved South Africa. The guys have been busy in studio working on new music, but their latest album, Familia, has been doing amazingly well.

“We’re in a good place and just concentrating on making more music,” adds trumpeter MoT. While hoping to making moves internationally, the band are big fans of touring Africa and have recently returned from a trip to Kenya, their favourite place to visit.

“As soon as you step off the plane there’s this energy. It’s like this feel-good energy and positivity, and people are just so friendly. It’s the feeling of being loved. When you’re loved by somebody you feel good with that somebody and Kenyans love Mi Casa ridiculously,” says J’Something.

The band love the atmosphere and the people, but mostly they love the food. From the meat to the fried banana to cinnamon-grilled pineapple, the guys ate like kings!

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