Watch Beyonce Twerk On JAY-Z Onstage, Hov’s Reaction Is Gold


Married hip hop couple Beyonce and Jay-Z officially kicked off their On the run 11 tour in the U.K. Unsurprisingly, they started off with a bang.

The two performed a number of their extremely extensive hits. From tracks like “Holy Grail,” “Part II (On The Run),” “Formation,” “99 Problems,” “The Story Of O.J.” “Drunk In Love,” “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” and more; the show was full of bops. While onstage, JAY and Bey definitely picked up where they left off after their first On The Run Tour from 2014.

After the two commenced their much anticipated tour, rumors quickly began swirling that Bey and JAY showed their new born twins Rumi and Sir Carter on an onstage screen . FB_IMG_1528503923056Many believed this until Buzzfeed New reached out to Bey’s publicist for confirmation on if the onscreen babies were hers. The rep replied, “It’s not.”

Nevertheless, people still enjoyed the show whether they were watching it in person or via social media clips. There was one moment that Bey was feelin’ herself more than usual and decided to back it up on her hubby. As JAY rapped onstage, his wifey suddenly began twerking on him. The audience absolutely loved watching the sexy, grown moment and cheered. Take a look at Bey twerking on her hubby below. It’s gold. Plus, Hov definitely didn’t seem to mind one bit. Surprise, surprise…

Photo: Getty 

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