Brazil vs. Switzerland Final Score In World Cup Opening 1-1

Add Brazil to the list of World Cup contenders that ran into a roadblock in the opening match of the tournament.FB_IMG_1529283323838

After Argentinia fail to beat Iceland and Germany lost to Mexico, Brazil, one of the tournament favorites, drew  Switzerland 1- 1 on Sunday despite creating a boatload of chances to secure free points. The South Americans had 20 shots but could only put four on frame, seeing the Swiss hold them in the second half to split one point a piece.FB_IMG_1529283330062

Switzerland played physical, fouled  plenty to try and slow down Brazil’s rhythm, and it  earned a surprising result that puts them in a great spot moving forward.The match was pretty much all Brazil’s from the beginning, but outside of its lone goal, the ball just didn’t want to go in.

Philippe Coutinho open the scoring for the five – time champs with the stunning signature curler in the first half.FB_IMG_1529283381380IMG_20180617_142725

But then Steven Zuber Brought The underdogs level in the second half just minutes in, heading home but also pushing Miranda in the process. No foul was given, and the goal was awardedFB_IMG_1529283374062

From then on it was all Brazil with Switzerland defending with 10 behind the ball, trying to keep the game level. Yann Sommer made some big stops in the final 20 minutes, but Brazil was also wasteful. Miranda looked to have won the game for Brazil late with  this effort but he failed to put it on frame.
It’s a fantastic golden point of Switzerland. It sure least thought it would probably get nothing out of this game. As for Brazil, it puts the team in an uncomfortable, yet manageable spot moving forward. Serbia leads the group of three points, Brazil and Switzerland have one and Costa Rica

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