Mexico’s Historic Win Againts World Champions Germany


Mexico Striker Xavier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez shed tears of joy after 1-0 upset win against Germany and its opening game off the World Cup, but he won’t be celebrating and  dwelling on the victory for too long. Mexico’s leading career goal scorer  was captured on TV crying on the final whistle, but said after the game that while the win brings Mexico a ‘big boost’ moving forward in the tournament that  the team won’t be getting carried away by the results.FB_IMG_1529328664775

‘Tomorrow we will start thinking about (South) Korea because this world cup is not only about the opening game,’ Hernandez said. ‘We want to get to the final of the World Cup, and we Have to take it step by step’.

Mexico goal scorer Hirving Lozano, whose strike caused a small tremor on the Ritcher scale in Mexico City, ostensibly from fans jumping in celebration, was named man of the match. He said the win,the first against Germany in a World Cup, by Mexico, highlighted.
the team’s quality .FB_IMG_1529328694068
‎‎ ‘We can compete against anyone’, Lozano told Televisa Deportes. ‘We have great players, and we showed it today.’FB_IMG_1529328688111

After this score, we can say that this generation of players is here to achieve big things. We did our best today, and we have to continue on the same path.’

Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa made a key safe in the 39th minute one of nine in the match from a Tony Kroos free kick and stressed that the surprise three points for Mexico was historic.

‎ ‘It was a very important game for Mexican football, for Mexican history because starting the World Cup against the world champion in winning three points or something that very few people expected,said Ochoa after the game.

‘Wheneverer you play against world powers, champions and potential champions, it’s a little special,’ Ovhoa added.. ‘In the last World Cup we played against Brazil, and now playing against the world champion like Germany, with the players it has, is never easy’.

‘But today we deserve to win for what we showed,ran and gave.’

Mexico is scheduled to train at its complex outside of Moscow on Monday morning in preparation for its match against Korea on June 2013 Rosto

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