Tarana Burke, Symone Sanders, Tamika Mallory and Luvvie Ajayi joins Essence Panel


In a layered conversation about intersectionality and what’s next in continuing the fight for social change, activists Tarana Burke, Symone Sanders, Tamika Mallory and Luvvie Ajayi join ESSENCE Digital Content Director, Yolanda Sangweni, for the “I’m Woke. Now What?” panel on the 2018 ESSENCE Empowerment Stage.

Tarana’s platform as the founder of the #MeToo movement and Tamika’s leadership as co-founder of the Women’s March have given each of the two ladies a birdseye view of how Black women are —or are not—being included in the conversation.

Meanwhile, Symone’s presence as an influential young voice in politics and Luvvie’s reach as an author and prominent social media personality allow them both to remain constantly in touch with how today’s social movements are affecting our communities in real time.

Together, the ladies dive deep to decipher what it really means to be “woke” in 2018 and how to best go about putting action behind the commonly-used term that has become a theme for those wanting to align themselves with modern-day activism.

Activist  Tarana Burke began using the phrase “me too” more than 10 years ago, and her movement gained international momentum, spearheaded by social media activity and riding on outrage over Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse toward women long perpetrated with impunity.

“The work that needs to happen now is what happens after you said ‘me too,'” Burke said.

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