NIKE closes all stores in South Africa after racist video went viral

Race remains a highly sensitive issue in South Africa more than two decades after the end of Apartheid.

NikeInc. temporarily closed South African stores after a businessman Alan Catzavelos who is the husband of Kely Catzavelos an   employee at Nike was caught in a racism row over a video he posted while on vacation.

‘And not one kaffir in sight,” said the man at the beach resort. “Fucking heaven on earth.” The “K word” was used widely in the apartheid-era South Africa as a slang for a black person, which many consider to be deeply offensive to a similar extent as the “N word” in the U.S

Two Nike shops in a mall in Johannesburg’s Sandton financial district closed Tuesday and remain shut. While the company didn’t comment on the move, it released a statement saying the firm “opposes discrimination and has a long-standing commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect.”

He was promptly fired from the food producer that is owned by his family, Eyewitness News reported, adding that his wife works for Nike.

Nike has stores in 11 locations in South Africa, according to the company’s website.

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