Kevin Hart fact checked Katt Williams defending Tiffany Haddish star of the movie Night School

On Friday morning September 21st in an interview on The Breakfast Club, Kevin Hart lashed  out at   comedian Catt Williams and  leaped  to defend Tiffany Haddish star of his new movie NightSchool.

Kevin went live on air expressing his frastration with  Katt Williams telling him to stop attacking Haddish  just because he blew his shot at superstardom by choosing drugs.”You had the shot! You were set up to be the star. You didn’t show up to work! You f**ked off promo shoots!”

Tiffany was with Kevin when he went off.

Remembering that it was just  one week ago when Catt Willians went on V103’s Frank and Wanda morning show in Atlanta , roasted the co -host Wanda Smith and  viciously blasted Tiffany Haddish for leapfrogging over dozens of other comedians who he feels were more deserving of Hollywood fame. But, Kevin says it’s time for Katt to quit the bitterness  and take responsibility for the opportunities that he messed up.

He called him out directly saying, “Have you ever used your platform to f**king bring the people that were under you up? You haven’t! So, because you haven’t, don’t s**t on those that now are!!”

As for why Kevin thinks Katt hasn’t become a huge movie star — “He chose drugs” and that scared off the studios.

Kevin also mentioned the crabs in a barrel mentality amongs people of colour and  how  he is not gonna sit back and allow Katt Williams to  undermine Tiffany Haddish’s accomplishments who is now getting her break that  she earned by tainting it with lies and that is why he decided to call out Williams and fact checked him. He also said that he  uses his platform to bring others up, therefore the  presence of the Kevin Hart brand will always be felt because it has expanded by creating and giving others an opportunity.

Kevin briefly touched on the issue of equal pay for women and agreed that it’s a conversation that’s needed in Hollywood

Kevin  admits that  the complaints about heavy separation and racism are  worthy of the attention that it got in order to correct  but, ‘now if we want to see change then we have to support those who fight for it’  he said, “I put my money where my  mouth is and  create content that requires diversity roles and opportunity to change things”

Haddish who was also present at The Breakfast Club interview to promote the movie NightSchool she stars in,  unbiased acknowledged graciously that  anybody who have helped her come up in her career was black and brown people and that along woh putting in the sweat feels that she earned every bit of success she is enjoying now.

The highly anticipated movie Night School premieres September 28th, produced by HeartBeat productions in partnership with Will Packer and Universal Studios  September 28.

NightSchool is Kevin Hart’s first movie produced by his production company HartBeat.  He felt that it was time for him to level up and take it a step further by becoming a business partner instead of just a hire for movie.

Kevin Hart says the movie  promises lots of laughter with an undertone that leaves moviegoers with a message.

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